Beatingthe House Edge in Casino 3 Card Brag

Besides being able to 3 Card Brag play against the house online, a number of live casinos have introduced 3 Card Brag in their portfolio of table games. While most online 3 Card Brag games have a standard payout structure with a house advantage of just over 2%, some live casinos change their payout structure to improve the edge in their favor.
To ensure that you get the best possible return on your 3 Card Brag inserts, you should just an online or live casino that offer the following opportunities ante (or better!) -

Prial (or Three of a Kind) 5/1
Running (Straight) Flush 4/1
Run (Straight) 1/1 – or “Evens”

Mathematically these opportunities to be equated with a house advantage of 2.02% based on all possible combinations of cards that you and dealer, and the total amortization of players divided by the total number of receives (frequency of winning hands x chances of returning) possible hands.

3 Card Brag expected value
Confused? You do not have to be. Everything you need to know to beat the house edge at Casino 3 Card Brag is what the hands have an expected value, where to level stakes, you will be profitable overall.

To get to that number, by the work that after your three cards have been dealt, there is a possible are 18,424 hands, the dealer {(49 * 48 * 47) / (3 * 2 * 1)} are treated can you start. So, in order to be profitable, you need to determine which hands are more than 18,424 times your basic game when played 18,424 hands or back – in other words – which have an expected value of 0.50 and above.

Instead of looking through all 18,424 combinations we’ve done the homework for you and have the bottom line at Q-6-4 (unsuitable) found. The math is as follows-

Queen – Six – Four are the Magic Numbers
If you play, Q-6-4, there are 305 combinations of cards that have the dealer, which will enable him to qualify and still lose to you – giving you a return of 1,220.00 ( 1 , 00 unit of input).

There are 5747 combinations in which the dealer does not qualify, your “game” back and use double your ante – giving you a return of 17,241.00 – and 26 possible ways a tie (not 27 because of a chance that the dealers to make a Q-6-4 flush on your rainbow Q-6-4), again 78.00.

In these three returns to ( 18,539.00) and divide by the total amount you have to pay in antes and “play” bets ( 36,848.00) over 18.424 hands and the expected value is 50.30%.

The same calculation on hand Q-6-3 {( 1,084.00 17,241.00 + + 78.00) manufactured / 36,848.00) and gives an expected value of 49.94%.

Muck your Jacks to beat the house
It makes sense to fold every hand that Jack is high or low, because if the dealer qualifies you’re going to lose, and the only benefit to you is if the dealer fails to qualify (and you double your Ante ). The hands between Jack and high Q-6-4, the 2.02% edge that the house in the Casino 3 Card Brag, and if you even those dirt, eliminate the percentage, if the bonus ante chances are no worse than those listed above.

You need to be aware that some casinos and online web sites that are 3 Card Brag game against the house bonuses ante switch between a flush Prial and a run. That’s because it dealt a greater chance of a Prial (52/22.100) as a running flush (48/22.100) and it makes a small difference to your expectation, but not enough to justify, if your minimum starting hand.

In addition, some sites and casinos are also another hand ranking structure to standard 3 Card Brag games and make AAA the best hand, rather than 3-3-3. A QCA run or run flush dominate also run an A-2-3, and although these changes make no difference to the house edge at Casino 3 Card Brag, it is always in your best interest to ensure that you are familiar with the rules before you sit down to play.

Happy Bragging!